If you’re considering screening, have received a diagnosis that your baby might have Down syndrome, or you have recently had a baby with Down syndrome, or if you know someone in this situation, this site is for you: it’s been created and written by parents who know what this is like.

We, too, have experienced receiving the diagnosis that our baby has Down syndrome, so we know how you’re feeling, what you’re worried about, or what you are feeling guilty for thinking. We are delighted to have this opportunity to share a little of our lives with you to try to address some of those feelings.

We experienced a lot of the same feelings you may be experiencing – many of us were sad, worried and not sure of the future; others felt utterly devastated, that our lives would never be the same; some took it in their stride, although they were apprehensive.

Now that we have experienced the reality of Down syndrome, we know that we needn’t have worried or been sad, upset or devastated. Yes, our lives have been different, but for the better.

We invite you to take some time to look through our stories – stories written by parents who have gone through the same experience and discovered that there is much to celebrate.

We hope that these stories and photos reassure you, inspire you and show you the reality of life with Down syndrome. There is a lot of negativity, fear of and ignorance around Down syndrome, but we are the experts on living with someone with Down syndrome and these stories are written honestly from experience and absolute understanding.

Some of the parents whose stories are featured are also happy for you to contact them by email or phone    You may like to follow some of the honest, heart-warming and hilarious antics some bloggers get up to, identified by a computer icon 

We are here to try to answer your questions, address your worries and concerns, never to judge, but to offer you the opportunity to see the reality of living with Down syndrome.

If you are a new/expectant mum, dad, friend or relative and you want to find out more about Down syndrome, have a question or just want a chat, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.  Whilst everyone’s experiences are unique, we’ve all been where you are before.

Across the UK there are many active groups with parents and children of all ages who would love to help you to navigate your way along this journey. If you would like to be put in touch with people living in your area, let us know where you are and we will send you details.

There is a secret group on Facebook you may wish to join, exclusively for parents who have received a positive diagnosis.

We also have a closed group on Facebook where we welcome new parents.

The stories here are our true and personal experiences.
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