Positive about Down syndrome

Positive about Down syndrome provides information and support to new and expectant parents of a little one with Down syndrome.

We have amazing online support for our families, we know how important it is for them to have access to accurate contemporary information and so provide our book #NobodyToldMe the truth about Down syndrome to families and literature to maternity units.

We have recently introduced online early development groups for our preschoolers, baby Makaton signing courses for new parents and Makaton training for members’ nurseries/childminders.

We believe every parent should receive the best possible care and support.

We believe the arrival of every baby with Down syndrome should be celebrated.

We believe every child with Down syndrome should be given every opportunity to flourish and thrive.

However you are feeling about baby having Down syndrome, we are here for you! We are the experts on living with Down syndrome and know that life is so much more than a diagnosis, there is a good deal to celebrate. Our children and young people with Down syndrome lead full and rewarding lives, they are much-loved sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, who our families wouldn’t be without.

We have a closed group on Facebook where we welcome new parents.

If you are a new mum, dad, friend or relative and you want to find out more about Down syndrome, if you have a question, or maybe just want a chat, please get in touch, we’d be happy to help. Whilst everyone’s experiences are unique, we’ve all been where you are before.
Across the UK there are many active groups with parents and children of all ages who would love to help you to navigate your way along this journey. If you would like to be put in touch with people living in your area, let us know where you are and we will send you details.

Do jump over to our social media where we publish stories most days sharing an insight into our lives.

Provides a pack to a new or expectant parent including #NobodyToldMe and a congratulations card!

Provides a pack to raise awareness about Down syndrome and promote inclusion in a nursery.

Provides counselling to a new or expectant parent.

Pays for a new parent to access a 6 weeks Makaton baby signing course.

Provides resources and training to a maternity unit for a year.