Positive about Down syndrome

Positive about Down syndrome provides information and support to new and expectant parents of a little one with Down syndrome.

We have amazing online support for our families, we know how important it is for them to have access to accurate contemporary information and so provide our book #NobodyToldMe the truth about Down syndrome to families and literature to maternity units.

We have recently introduced online early development groups for our preschoolers, baby Makaton signing courses for new parents and Makaton training for members’ nurseries/childminders.

We believe every parent should receive the best possible care and support.

We believe the arrival of every baby with Down syndrome should be celebrated.

We believe every child with Down syndrome should be given every opportunity to flourish and thrive.

  /  You-Can’t-Put-Me-Down Syndrome – Heidi

Q. Name and what you do?
Heidi Carter (maiden name Crowter) I am a public speaker and disability activist.

Q. What are you most passionate about?
Getting the abortion act changed so there’s no discrimination for babies with disabilities. At the moment it’s up to birth for babies with disabilities – like Down syndrome.

Q. Who do you look up to/admire the most?
My heroine is Esther in the Bible because she never gave up and she saved her people.

Q. What’s your superpower?
Remembering people’s birthdays and telling them who they share their birthday with. I share mine with Tom Cruise and my sister shares hers with Jeremy Corbyn!

Q. What are you most proud of?
Challenging the government and writing a book. It’s just been published and is called “I’m just Heidi”

Q. What are your dreams for the future?
For the law to be changed and for people to accept us the same as everyone else.

Q. What would you like people to know about what it’s like to have Down syndrome?
Don’t be scared of Down syndrome – I only have an extra chromosome!