As teenagers with Down syndrome enter adulthood, along with their peers they develop their own voice, enter meaningful relationships, can find their way in the work-place and a home to call their own.

Here young people with Down syndrome and their families share their life-stories, we hope they will inspire and enlighten you.
Bethany <img src="">


“My daughter didn’t believe she was beautiful – until she heard the words come from& ...

George <img src="">


Hi I am Tatty. I am Greek but have always lived in England. When I was pregnant with my son George ...

Anghard aka ACE aka The Girl <img src="">

Anghard aka ACE aka The Girl

Our lovely daughter was born weighing 3 lbs 9 oz, five weeks prematurely with Down Syndrome (DS) ...

Megan <img src="">


Hi I am Megan Wilcox and I have Down Syndrome but that doesn’t stop me being amazing. I ...

Heidi  <img src="">


Hiya, my name is Heidi and I am 22 and I live independently in a flat, I have been living there ...

Daniya <img src="">


What do you write when trying to tell the world about your life with a child who has Down? ...

Tom  <img src="">


In 2001 our beautiful baby daughter Emily was born. Having suffered several miscarriages and ...

Oliver  <img src="">


The thing is, at the beginning, all you can imagine is unhappiness and dissatisfaction, such ...

Alex  <img src="">


Alex is our much-loved second boy of three. Three boys are trouble whichever way you look at it, ...

Emily  <img src="">


In some circles, the 12th of August is known as The Glorious Twelfth. I can’t argue with that – it ...

Emily by Emily  <img src="">

Emily by Emily

Hello my name is Emily. I’m 25. I love my life. Life is fulfilling and beautiful thing to have. ...

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