Positive about Down syndrome

Positive about Down syndrome provides information and support to new and expectant parents of a little one with Down syndrome.

We have amazing online support for our families, we know how important it is for them to have access to accurate contemporary information and so provide our book #NobodyToldMe the truth about Down syndrome to families and literature to maternity units.

We have recently introduced online early development groups for our preschoolers, baby Makaton signing courses for new parents and Makaton training for members’ nurseries/childminders.

We believe every parent should receive the best possible care and support.

We believe the arrival of every baby with Down syndrome should be celebrated.

We believe every child with Down syndrome should be given every opportunity to flourish and thrive.

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Hello, I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Liz and I live in Sherborne, Dorset. I’m originally from South Yorkshire, but moved to beautiful Dorset 5 years ago due to husband Steve’s job in the Army.

All my dreams came true when we moved to Dorset and from a successful frozen embryo transfer I was finally pregnant after years of wanting a child!  Out of 5 embryos she was the one that worked! At the age of 41 and in such shock, I was pregnant I said yes to all the screening tests and wasn’t really thinking straight. The midwife said, “oh your high risk anyway, you’re over 40, with an IVF pregnancy, so I would advise the testing!” We had a blood test screen which came back as an extremely high chance 1:2, that our baby had Down Syndrome.


We went on to have diagnostic test CVS to confirm diagnosis, which was 100% positive our baby had Down Syndrome. Hearing that your unborn baby would have a special need was very, very frightening – I cried for days!   I felt like I had a mini breakdown, crying lots and wondering why me?!

One day in the kitchen I felt my little baby kick me and I felt so nauseous with this pregnancy, I just thought, this little being inside me is here, it’s staying and oh I love it so much.

We found out we were having a little girl; I immensely felt so much love for her, my little daughter but she’s got Down Syndrome – why is this happening to me – but I knew I would love this little girl no matter what!   I told very close family and friends that our baby girl had Down Syndrome, and today I cannot thank the love and support they all showed us. Clara Elizabeth Chilton was born at 38 weeks, a tiny 3lb 4oz.   She spent 2 weeks in special care baby unit at Yeovil Hospital and did extremely well, no health issues were diagnosed, just that little extra chromosome. She was the healthiest baby in special care!

Clara is 5 now and we have had a journey with her! She attends mainstream primary school and has just finished reception.   She has received many certificates, including Pupil of the Week! The words from her Teaching Assistant will always stick in my mind, ‘she was made for greatness’, she said to me! Clara has amazed us on her development, she has many friends and is very popular within school. She attends lots of activities, including Gymnastics and DS active football.

The love we have for Clara is immense, she is her own little character, she’s funny, happy, mischievous, and knows what she wants! She can be very strong willed but lots of kids are. Everyone who meets Clara loves her, she has this beam around her, she brings so much joy to everyone she meets. She has such a zest for life! Life with Clara is good, beyond good, it’s perfection! Every little achievement she accomplishes we are buzzing – no matter how small it is! We giggle every day, she is the best medicine ever! We will give and ensure Clara has all the opportunities that are out there for her, whatever she wants to do we will give it a shot! She’s our beautiful daughter, no different to any other child, living and loving a child with Down Syndrome is a journey, a beautiful journey, a journey of happiness, and complete fulfilment!