Emily by Emily

Hello my name is Emily. I’m 25. I love my life. Life is fulfilling and beautiful thing to have. Like having relationships in my home. Family relationships like mother and daughter, father and daughter. I live with my mum and dad and the rest of my family are my sister Laura and my brother-in-law Mac and also my younger brother Matthew and my sister-in-law Kerry. I am an auntie to Milly and Joshua.

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There are four of us in our family. There’s a mummy and a daddy (Hannah and Tim, from this point on referred to as “we”), there’s an older brother Austin (he’s 7) and a younger sister, Laurie (she’s 5).

Laurie loves putting her dolls to bed, going to school, bouncing on the trampoline and being chased. Laurie was also diagnosed with Down’s syndrome Trisomy 21 at 9 weeks old.

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It is unsettling, and also seems totally ridiculous now, as I reflect on the depression and negativity I was consumed with, when our second son George was born. He is now 5 and alongside his older brother, is the greatest love in my life and the source of all that makes me truly happy.

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