Positive about Down syndrome

Positive about Down syndrome provides information and support to new and expectant parents of a little one with Down syndrome.

We have amazing online support for our families, we know how important it is for them to have access to accurate contemporary information and so provide our book #NobodyToldMe the truth about Down syndrome to families and literature to maternity units.

We have recently introduced online early development groups for our preschoolers, baby Makaton signing courses for new parents and Makaton training for members’ nurseries/childminders.

We believe every parent should receive the best possible care and support.

We believe the arrival of every baby with Down syndrome should be celebrated.

We believe every child with Down syndrome should be given every opportunity to flourish and thrive.

Whether you are a new or expectant parent, a professional interested to know about Down syndrome or a member of the public – you’ve come to the right place!
We hope that our stories and photos reassure you, inspire you and show you the reality of life with Down syndrome. There is a lot of negativity, fear of and ignorance around Down syndrome, but we are the experts on living with someone with Down syndrome and these stories are written honestly from experience and absolute understanding.
If you are in the UK, we have amazing online support where you can meet with others in the same situation as you, ask any questions at all, share any concerns or worries you may have and know that you are not alone!
For any expectant parent in the UK with a high chance or confirmed result that baby has Down syndrome please join our Great Expectations group, where you will find a very supportive non-judgemental, friendly group of women there to help you however they can.
If you are a new parent in the UK, congratulations! A very warm welcome awaits you and your little one!
#NobodyToldMe is a collection of personal experiences written by young people with Down syndrome, their friends and family.
#NobodyToldMe challenges outdated perceptions and attitudes towards those with Down syndrome by showing the reality of our lives.
We, too, have experienced receiving the news that our baby has Down syndrome, so we know how you’re feeling, what you’re worried about, or what you are feeling guilty for thinking. We are delighted to have this opportunity to share a little of our lives with you to try to address some of those feelings.

Provides a pack to a new or expectant parent including #NobodyToldMe and a congratulations card!

Provides a pack to raise awareness about Down syndrome and promote inclusion in a nursery.

Provides counselling to a new or expectant parent.

Pays for a new parent to access a 6 weeks Makaton baby signing course

Provides resources and training to a maternity unit for a year.


There are groups all around the UK, offering a range of support and community.

Click the button below to see a map showing what groups there are near you.

The stories here are our true and personal experiences. PADS is not affiliated with any religious or political organisation.